Setting up an 'Out of Office' notification in Zimbra

We will show you how to set up an Out of Office notification. Please follow the steps below:

Click on the Preferences tab at the top of Zimbra. Then click on Out of Office in the left column.

At the top of the screen you see a choice you can make to either send an auto-reply message or not. Choose Send auto-reply message. This way when someone emails you during your time out of the office, they will get a message. In the big text-area Auto-reply Message you can type your "Out of Office" message.

Now you need to set the Out of Office period. First tick the Time Periode box. Select the start and end date. When the end date has passed no notification will be sent anymore.

It's possible to let Zimbra block your Calendar during your Out of Office period. This way your fellow colleagues can see that you are absent. To let Zimbra block your Calender, tick the box at Calendar, now you can choose to show yourself in the Calender either as Out of Office or Busy

And finally you can send a different Out of Office message to external senders. In the pull-down next to Send different auto-reply message to external senders you can choose Anyone outside my domain or Anyone outside my domain except those in my contacts.

When you are happy with your settings and messages, click on Save in the top left corner.

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