Changing the language of your spell checker

There are two methods for checking your spelling:
  1. You can click on the Check Spelling button at the top of your e-mail. It's situated between the Save Draft button and the Options button. This is the native Zimbra spelling checker. The language it checks depends on the language which is set for the whole application. You can set the language for the application by clicking on the tab Preferences. On the first page you see, go to the heading Time Zone and Language and adjust the language to your liking. If your desired language is not in the list, please let us know via [email protected], we'll help you out. TIP: you cannot change the language of Zimbra whilst typing a message. Change the settings either before or after typing your email.

  2. The other way of checking your spelling is using the browser spell check. This is possible because you are using Zimbra in a browser. If you are using Firefox or Chrome, you will see a red curvy or dotted line underneath words that are spelled wrong. You can change the language by simply clicking on the red line with your right mouse button. In the fold out menu go to Languages and choose your desired language or install a new one (at the bottom at Add dictionary).

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