Email multiple contacts via contact groups

When you regularly send emails to multiple contacts it can be useful to create a contact group. (by the way: a contact group is not the same thing as a distributionlist, which can only be created by a Zimbra administrator).

Creating a contact group

Click on the Contacts tab to open your address book.

Click on the litte triangle on the right side next to New Contact, now you see a little pop-up menu. Choose Contact Group.

Now you see a new tab Contact Group. Give this new group a Group Name (a).
By double clicking on contacts in the right column, you can add contacts to your group. To delete a contact, click on the red cross.
It's possible to add contacts from different contact list to your group. Click on the pull down at the top of the right column to switch contact lists. When you are done click on Save in the top left corner of your screen (b).

You can send an email to this group of contacts by typing in your groupname in the To: field of your email.

Below you can watch these instructions in a (Dutch) video.

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