Share your calendar with someone else

  • Go to the Calendar tab;
  • Click on the calendar you want to share with your right mouse button;
  • Choose: Share Calendar;
  • In the Share Properties pop-up, choose Internal users or groups if you want to share your calendar with someone who has an email address in the same domain as you, to clarify this: choose this option if your email address is for instance [email protected] and you want to share it with [email protected];
  • Choose External guests if you want to share your calendar with someone who has a completely different email address then yours, so an email address that's not in your domain;
  • Choose Public if anyone may see your calendar;
  • In the Email field, fill in the email address of the person who is getting access to your calendar:";
  • At Roll you choose what the person we is getting access to your calendar may do;
  • Click on OK;

To get access to your calendar, the person you shared you calendar with will have to click on the Accept share link in the system email they have received. They will get your calendar in the list of calendars on the right column of their calendar tab.

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