Add External (Google) calendar

In Zimbra it is possible to add an external calendar, for example a Google calendar. This is how you do it:

  • Open your gmail calendar an cllick on the little sprocket under your name.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Click the Calendars tab.

  • Under CALENDAR click the name of the calendar you wish to see in Zimbra.
  • Click the green ICAL button directly above This is the private address....


  • Now copy the complete https://calendar.... link.
  • Go to Zimbra, and click the Calendar tab.
  • Click the little sprocket behind Calendars and choose Add External Calendar.

  • Choose the Add External Calendar (Other) option and click Next.

  • Choose iCAL Subscription.

  • Paste the link you copied earlier in the ICS URL: box and  click Next.

  • Enter a name for the calendar (and pick a colour if you want to), then click OK.

The calendar you just added is now visible in the Calendars section, the appointments that go with it are visible on the right.

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