When would I need an extra email account?

There are a few options to add extra email addresses to an existing account free of costs. It can be unclear when you have to pay for an extra email address and when not. Below we give a couple of examples:

Option A: aliases

Take for instance the situation where there is a general email address e.g. '[email protected]'. You want mail sent to this address to be forwarded to e.g. '[email protected]'. We can create an alias for this mailbox. In that case all mail addressed to [email protected] will be sent to [email protected]
Aliases are free, because no additional account will have to be made.

Option B: distribution list

We take the same situation, we have an email address: '[email protected]'. You want mail sent to this address to be sent to '[email protected]'. But maybe you also want '[email protected]' to get this email. Now we can create a distribution list. Mail sent to a certain address will be forwarded to every contact on this list, whether is be 1 or 100 contacts.
In this situation we also don't need extra accounts, so this option is also free.

Option C: general extra address

Only if email sent to email address '[email protected]' has to arrive in a separate mailbox, like '[email protected]' will we have to make an extra paid account. With the right subscription the mailbox can be shared with different people. These people can then manage the mailbox. So if both Jan and Piet have access to this extra mailbox, and Jan deletes an email, it will be deleted for everyone.

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