Export email from Zimbra

To export email from Zimbra, please follow the following steps:

  • Click on the Preferences tab and click on Import/export in the left column.
  • At Export > Type click on Account and tick the Advanced settings box.
  • Now more options come into view. Uncheck all the boxes, except the Mail box.
  • If you have folders with lots of email in them, it's better to export your folders one by one. You can to this by clicking on All folders next to Source and then choose the folder you want to export (you have to scroll down a bit in the pop-up to find your email folders).
  • Once you have chosen your folder(s), click on Export on the right side of your screen. Now your email will be downloaded as a .tgz file to your computer.

Below you can watch a video where the steps are shown (in Dutch)

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