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Zimbra Collaboration Suite is the best professional Open Source solution for email and collaboration

About Zimbra

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an Open Source solution for email and collaboration. It has more then a 100 million end-users in over 140 countries. Zimbra offers professional options for email, address book, agenda, file and task sharing. Zimbra can be used through a regular browser, email programmes and mobile devices.

About ZimbraNederland

ZimbraNederland is the Zimbra division website of KovoKs, the Zimbra specialists of the Netherlands. Through our extensive experience with Zimbra and other Open Source software we can offer you bespoke solutions and direct assistance.
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Works on any desktop

Zimbra is the only collaboration platform that works on all desktops (Windows, Mac, Linux) via a web browser and an e-mail programme.

Best usability on all platforms!

By offering a rich and consistent usability experience on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) - through web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari) and through email programs such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird and others - Zimbra is raising customer satisfaction and lowering support and training costs for end-user.


Works on any mobile

Zimbra works on almost all Android, iOS and WIndows mobile phones. Out of the box it comes with a web based 'touch' interface which was developed especially for mobile browsers to enhance the mobile usability experience.

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