Manage mailbox size

Solution 1

Call or e-mail your provider requesting to enlarge the maximum mailboxsize.

Solution 2

Clean up your e-mail! You can do it several ways, one of which is to remove attachments that you already processed in someway or another from e-mail messages. Another way is letting Zimbra remove e-mail after a period of time that you define.

Remove attachments

Attachments are the biggest mailbox size boosters, this is how you remove them:
  • Select the folder that you want to clean up.
  • Make sure the reading pane is visible on the right:
  • Right-click on the gray beam above the list of e-mails.
  • Choose Sort by Size in stead of Sort by Date.
  • Select an e-mail with an attachment.
  • Click on Remove behind the attachment in the preview pane, then clik Yes to confirm.
  • The attachment will now be removed from the e-mail message, the e-mail message itself will remain on the server.

Set retention period

You can also choose to automatically remove e-mail messages that are older than a predefined period of time. This is how you do it:
  • Right-click on the folder that you want Zimbra to clean up.
  • Choose Edit Properties.
  • Click the Retention tab.

  • Checkmark Enable Message Disposal.
  • Select days, weeks, months or years in the menu that says days.
  • Type the number of days, weeks, months or years after which the e-mail can be removed.
  • Now click OK to save the settings for this folder.

Set English language, with either 24 hour or AM/PM time format

It's easy to set the Zimbra language to English. You can set the clock to AM/PM or 24 hour time format. Follow this instruction:

  • Go to the Preferences tab at the top of Zimbra
  • In the left column click on General
  • At Time Zone and Language click on the Language pulldown. Select English (United Kingdom) if you want English language and a 24 hour time format. Select English (United States) if you want English, but with AM/PM time format.
  • Click on Save at the top left corner to save.

Selecteer engelse taal

Setting up an 'Out of Office' notification in Zimbra

We will show you how to set up an Out of Office notification. Please follow the steps below:

Click on the Preferences tab at the top of Zimbra. Then click on Out of Office in the left column.

At the top of the screen you see a choice you can make to either send an auto-reply message or not. Choose Send auto-reply message. This way when someone emails you during your time out of the office, they will get a message. In the big text-area Auto-reply Message you can type your "Out of Office" message.

Now you need to set the Out of Office period. First tick the Time Periode box. Select the start and end date. When the end date has passed no notification will be sent anymore.

It's possible to let Zimbra block your Calendar during your Out of Office period. This way your fellow colleagues can see that you are absent. To let Zimbra block your Calender, tick the box at Calendar, now you can choose to show yourself in the Calender either as Out of Office or Busy

And finally you can send a different Out of Office message to external senders. In the pull-down next to Send different auto-reply message to external senders you can choose Anyone outside my domain or Anyone outside my domain except those in my contacts.

When you are happy with your settings and messages, click on Save in the top left corner.

Changing the language of your spell checker

There are two methods for checking your spelling:
  1. You can click on the Check Spelling button at the top of your e-mail. It's situated between the Save Draft button and the Options button. This is the native Zimbra spelling checker. The language it checks depends on the language which is set for the whole application. You can set the language for the application by clicking on the tab Preferences. On the first page you see, go to the heading Time Zone and Language and adjust the language to your liking. If your desired language is not in the list, please let us know via, we'll help you out. TIP: you cannot change the language of Zimbra whilst typing a message. Change the settings either before or after typing your email.

  2. The other way of checking your spelling is using the browser spell check. This is possible because you are using Zimbra in a browser. If you are using Firefox or Chrome, you will see a red curvy or dotted line underneath words that are spelled wrong. You can change the language by simply clicking on the red line with your right mouse button. In the fold out menu go to Languages and choose your desired language or install a new one (at the bottom at Add dictionary).

Quickly create a filter in Zimbra

Create new filterYou can quickly create a filter in Zimbra. Filters are handy for instance to keep spam out of your mailbox. Right-click on the email message (read: spam message) on which you want to filter. A quick-menu now appears, select Create Filter.

In the dialogue window that now opens you can enter a number of items. The first one is the name you want to assign to the filter (is compulsory), you can do that in the field Filter Name. Then you can define a number of conditions to which the filter has to respond, and which actions consequently will be taken. Remember to activate the filter by checking the option Active next to the Field Name field.

Below you can see an example of a filter created for moving emails of a certain sender to the Junk folder.

Entering filter data


  • Enter a name in the field Filter Name: Spam
  • Select Any above the conditions section. You then read the sentence If any of the conditions are met:.
  • In the conditions area select From in the first drop-down menu, in that case only the sender address is reviewed. Next in the second drop-down menu select the comparison method you want to use, for instance contains. Then in the section Perform the following actions, in the first drop-down menu you select Move into folder. Click on the Browse button to select the folder you want to move the e-mail message into, that would be Junk.
  • Shown below is a video in which you can see the instruction again.

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